Adopting a Senior Cat

Just over a month ago, we adopted a pet. To be more specific, we adopted a 15-year-old cat from the Bath Cats and Dogs Home: RSPCA. Here’s the story of how Edie came along…

For a long time now, I have wanted to adopt an animal however I never felt like it was fair on the pet since we are both out for 8+ hours a day. Both living busy, active lives, we needed a pet who would look after themselves but still be there to fill that void.

We both discussed getting a cat but every conversation we had always ended up in a “it’s not the right time” or “we can’t commit to this”. We are both very young and it seemed very irresponsible to bring an animal into our lives, while both not knowing whether we would be there to look after the cat for their whole lifetime. I desperately wanted a furry friend though. That’s when the idea of adopting a senior cat cropped up.

After searching for a couple of hours one evening, we came across Edie. Edie was listed with a video of her being stoked on someone’s lap. She came across so calm, so loving and almost relaxing to be around. I knew the minute I watched that video, that I wanted her. I then persuaded Brad, which didn’t take long, and so after completing the application, we drove 95 miles to Bath to collect our little lady.

As soon as we arrived back to the house, Edie did not hesitate to make herself at home. She jumped straight onto the sofa and then onto Brad’s lap. She had no trouble eating and drinking, and slept right through the night.

She is quite content to just spend time on her own during the day while we are both working but in the evening prefers to follow us into each room and sit on one of our laps. She really has filled much more than a void for us. She has given me a purpose. I am so grateful to have found her.

I’m sure there will be lots of mentions of Edie in future posts.



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